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Event 1


Complete for time

300m Sandbag Run 50/35

15 Clean & Jerks 95/65

300m Sandbag Run 50/35


On 3...2...1...Go...athlete will pick up and hold sandbag however they desire and travel 300m with it returning to the 300m mark where they began at. Once crossed the line the athlete may drop their sandbag and continue on to their barbell. The barbell for Men will have 95lbs on it and for the women will have 65lbs on it. The athlete must complete 15 Clean & Jerks. The clean can be a power, squat, split to bring it to the chest. Once the bar is brought to the chest the athlete must then complete the jerk following the clean. The jerk can be a strict press, a push press, push jerk or a split jerk. The athlete must show control at the top with the knees, hips and arms locked out overhead for the rep to count. After completing all 15 reps the athlete will then return to where they left their sandbag and pick it up to complete another 300m distance. Once the athlete returns and crosses the finish line they may drop their bag and time will be called. 


Score is total time it takes to complete the workout. Tie breaker will be the first 300m Sandbag Run.


Time cap 12 minutes


Event 2


2x for time

20 Calorie Row

20 Burpees over rower

*6 minute cap

(2 minute rest)

4 minutes to establish 2 rep max front squat


On 3...2...1...Go! The athlete will be able to grab their handle on the rower and complete 20 calories. Once 20 calories is complete on the rower the athlete can then move on to completing 20 burpees over rower. The athlete must begin with burpee, chest must touch the ground and finish the rep by jumping over the rower with two feet. After completing 20 burpees over rower the athlete will then do one more round. If finished within the time cap the athlete gets the remaining time to rest; once 6 minutes is up everyone will then have 2 minutes of rest before then moving on to establish a 2 rep max front squat. The athlete will be able to do the front squat from the rack not from the floor. The athlete must complete all standards of the front squat for the reps to be counted and 2 reps must be done before racking the bar back on the rack for the set to count. Score for this workout is total weight lifted and score for the first part of the Event 2 is total time it takes to complete the workout. 

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