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Wednesday May 22nd, 2019

Good evening everyone. Erica and I wanted to thank all of you. Everyone we have met and talked to has made us feel very welcomed. It is a true testament to an amazing community Cory and Steph have grown over the years. We look forward to getting to know each of you more over the course of this transition.

In an effort to help us keep this switch as easy as possible for all of you, and to see if there are some things you would like to see implemented we are working on a survey that we hope each of you will take the time to fill out. We will have it available for you by Friday

We also wanted to announce we are doing an After Murph hamburger and hot dog bbq from 12-3. We will be providing the food and drink (thanks to 5-windows brewery!!) and hope as many of you as possible will stick around so we can get to know you and you can get to know us.

Thank you

Erica, Trevor and Stirling.



12 Min AMRAP 12 Plated Squats 8 Front Rack Sots Press 12 Plated Lunges 30 Weighted Jump Rope *Empty Barbell Warm Up



Snatch (Work up to a HEAVY Single)



3 Rounds 15 OHS #95/65 15 Burpees Over Bar

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