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Monday June 10th, 2019

Warmup ALL: 4 sets / 10 min cap Row 125/100 m (increase effort each rnd) 6 Single arm db muscle snatch (r) 6 Single arm db push press (r) 6 Single arm front rack squat (r) *repeat above complex with left arm Barbell warmup ALL: 3 rnd/ 6 min to complete 5 snatch grip deadlift 5 high hang "dip and high pull" 5 above knee hang power snatch 5 Drop snatch/snatch balance 5 below knee full snatch *All sets with empty bar-OPEN / PVC-Life Metcon OPEN: Metcon (Weight) On a Emom clock for 30 rnds. No rest between Emoms 5 min Emom: 6 TNG power snatch (135/95) 5 min Emom: :32 Plank 5 min Emom: 8 Overhead squat (135/95) 5 min Emom: :32 Plank 5 Min Emom: 4 Squat snatch (135/95) 5 Min emom: :32 Plank * Track snatch work in wodify **can scale weight for Snatch work and  

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