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Wednesday June 18

Warmup ALL: 7 min of work : 20 Clamshell (per side) :40 wall sit 10 lunge and reach stretch (5 p/s) Strength OPEN: Front Squat (10 min emom: 6 reps @ 135/95) Want quick but CONTROLLED reps today! Like a piston. Try to keep constant tension during 6 reps. No bottom out please. LIFE: Metcon (Weight) 10 Min emom 7-9 Db front rack squats Metcon OPEN: Metcon (1 Rounds for time) Every 4 min X 5 rnd 200 m run 15 push press (115/75) 15 deadlifts (115/75) 200 m run Rx+ 155/105 *Record slowest round in wodify * Light deadlifts means we want PERFECT reps. Use those hamstrings and glutes. Fight the urge to go full spinal LIFE: Metcon (1 Rounds for time) Every 4 min X 5 Row/run 200 m 10 barbell strict press (from rack) 10 Dual Kb deadlift Row/Run 200m *record slowest round in wodify 

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