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Friday August 23rd, 2019


ALL: 3 Rnd 200/150 Meter Row 10 Crossover symmetry Y raises 10 Prisoner Kang Squats 10 Plate Ground to Overhead

Barbell warmup- OPEN

OPEN: Metcon (No Measure) 3 Round of "Burgener warm up" 2 reps of each -Dip, Drive -Dip, Drive, Shrug -Dip, Drive, Shrug, Elbows high -Dip, Drive, Shrug, Pull Bar overhead -Adjust feet, Overhead Squat -Dip, Drive, Pull into bottom of overhead squat - Full Snatch (mid shin)

WOW...Lots of words... Don't worry your coach will go over this with ya!

Strength- LIFE

LIFE: Metcon (No Measure) 12 Min of Work 6 Rear foot elevated split squat (per leg) 12 Cossack squats (6 per side) 8 Half kneeling Landmine press (per side)


OPEN: Metcon (AMRAP - Reps) Flashback Friday 12.2 Edition 10 Min Amrap 30 Snatches (75/45) 30 Snatches (135/75) 30 Snatches (165/100) Max Snatches (210/120)

Can be power of Full. Please Show control with bar if only have 10-15# plates on bar. Thanks

LIFE: Metcon (Time) 3-4 Rounds 10 Db snatch (right arm) 25 Ft Overhead walking lunge (*front rack) 10 Db snatch (left arm) 25 Ft Overhead walking lunge 30 Wall Deadbugs

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