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Friday August 30th, 2019

On Monday September 2nd, Labor day, we will be a host gym for this year "Saved by the Barbell". Over the past couple years CF HQ has used this weekend to promote this great event that brings awareness and funds to local schools physical education programs. We will be having an 8 am and 9 am class only that day. You can just show up and perform the workout or if you would like to "register" please click on link below. If you decide to register you get a shirt and your $35 fee will go directly to help fund a physical education program.


ALL: 3 Rounds 5 Inchworm 10  KB Suitcase Deadlift (per side) 200/150 meter row

OPEN Track (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps) Flashback Friday 11.2 Edition 15 min Amrap

9 Deadlift (155/100) 12 Push ups 15 Box jumps (24/20)

We want you to push this...HOWEVER..anytime we have deadlifts for reps in a time driven workout lets remember technique is paramount and priority #1. Be smart on weight selection and think smooth and steady reps.

LIFE Track (No Measure) 15 Min Amrap 10 Barbell hip bridge 10 Back extensions 10 Push ups 10 Lateral jump over bench

CORE ALL: Metcon (No Measure) 5 rnd :20 L-sit (parallets/box/Hang) 20 Plank hip touch 8 Ring body saws/ barbell roll outs

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