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Monday 93019

We do not know about everyone else but we are EMBRACING this "Season"change with open arms. In the coming days/weeks we have some stuffed planned for the gym that we will be sending out emails for and talking about during class.

For this week Erica and I thought it would be fun to take some classic Crossfit workouts and put a little twist on them.

Hope you enjoy ..."Crossfit Girl..Gone Wild"

Warm-up ALL: 9 min of work :30 row 50 Heavy rope single unders 10 Perfect stretch (5 leg)

Metcon ALL : Metcon (Time) "Jumping Jackie" For Time: 1000 meter row 50 Box jump over (24/20) (30/24 Rx+) 30 Burpee pull up (Burpee C2B RX+)

For modification options 800 meter row 50 box step up 30 burpee ring row

Structural Strength ALL: Metcon (No Measure) 3-4 Round 6-8 Seated Arnold press ( 8-10 Straight bar curl 10-12 Straight leg Dips on Parallettes ( 12-14 Rower hamstring curls (

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