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Monday July 29th


ALL: 8 min of work 7 ring row + :15 hold on last rep :20 Reverse plank 10 Band PVC lat pull down 10 Plank to top of push up (5 per side)


OPEN: Muscle up work (3 sets of 4-8 reps ) 15 Min of Muscle up work: Option A) E3mom: 4-8 Ring muscle ups Option B) E3mom: 4-8 Bar muscle ups

*Use band for bar mu if needed or partner up and "tap spot" one another.

LIFE: 15 min of work: 10 Pronated band pvc pull down :20 PVC hollow hold 8 Strict pull up (band)(get chest to bar) :20 Ring Dip support (top position)


OPEN: Metcon (4 Rounds for time) 4 Round for time: 5 Push press (155/105) 10 Box jump over (24"/20) 15/11 Cal on bike *rest 90 sec between roundsPush press from floor. Record each round in wodify. Try to keep rounds consistent

LIFE: Metcon (Distance) 5 Round 7 Single arm DB push press (per arm) 9 Box step up 1 Min row for meters

*record meter in Wodify

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