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Monday October 21st, 2019

Thank you!  to everyone that came out from some Toes to Bar and Tacos on Friday evening. Great job to ALL who took on 20.2 over the last couple days. If you have yet to get it done or want another crack at it you can come in anytime today to do that. PLEASE remember that you need to be finished and cleaned up by 4pm.

We will work on updating the Intramural open leaderboard and  plan to have new standing to you by Thursday. We did hand out our first "Spirit" points this week. We are excited to see how far you all take this.

Exciting news about next week's FNL. We are thrilled to announce we got "WHITE CLAW" to Co-Sponsor with 5-Window Brewery!!

Special prize for the person who can guess the "theme" for today's Metcon?!

Warm-up ALL : 3 Rounds :30 Goblet hold wall sit ( 15 Russian KB swing 15 Seated Band row ( :30 Bike

*Same Kb for sit and swings


OPEN : Front Squat (3 X 5/ 3 X 3) Every 2 min X 6 sets (12 min) 3 Sets of 5 Reps (75-80%) 3 Sets of 3 Reps (85-90%)

Can build as go. Track heaviest 3 rep. No looking for failure but want some heavy sets that require focus.


OPEN : Metcon (Time)

"Axel Row's"

21-15-9 Axle bar overhand Deadlift (205/155)

42-30-18 (-5 each round for Women's RX) Cal Row

*12 Min CAP ** Axle bar weights 25#

Need to push that row if you want to finish

You can use regular bar if you do not feel comfortable using Axel bar.

Be smart on weight selection for Deadlifts. Pick loads that you can maintain proper hinging patterns with.

LIFE : Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds) *Start after warm up 0-15 Min 200 M row 20 air squats 10 burpee

15-30 min 200 M Skierg 20 Box step up (10 side) 10 Supinated grip ring row (

30-45 Min 10 Cal bike 20 Medball clean 1 min plank

This will be written out on white board for you to follow as well.

Good "Calorie Consumer" today

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