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Saturday July 20th, 2019

Just a reminder there is ONLY a 9am class today. The gym will be open at 8am-12pm so you can come anytime between that if you are unable to make it to the class Warmup ALL: Coach Call Metcon ALL: Metcon (Time) Tara O'Sullivan memorial Workout

For time:

Buy-in: 26 Burpee

Then, 6 rounds of

19 Kb swing (53/35)(70/44 RX+) 20 Push ups 19 Goblet squats

Buy-Out: 3:49 Plank *

*Penalties for improper plank form or rest: 3 burpee for 1st display of improper form or rest 4 burpees for 2nd display 9 burpees for 3rd display* The 26 burpee buy represents Tara age

* 6 rnds 19/20/19 reps end of watch date

* 3:49 plank badge number

*Tara set the Sacramento police dept record for a CONTINUOUS plank hold @ 26 min and 7 sec...STRAIGHT!!

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