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Thursday August 22nd, 2019

CORE ALL: Metcon (No Measure)

After 3 min on Machine of choice

2  Rounds of "BIG PLANK PROGRESSION" :30 Push up Plank :30 Elbow plank :30 Left side plank :30 Right side plank :30 Elbow plank :30 Push up plank

* Rest 1 min between rounds. All done together on a running clock

Metcon ALL: Metcon (AMRAP - Reps) Every 4 Min For 16 Min Run 400 Meter Max Db Box step (24"/20") (50/35#)

No "programmed" rest.

At start of new 4 min you will stop box step ups and complete run again.

Pick a box size and Db weight that allows us to stay moving.

Focus on driving through heals on step ups.

BURN that Booty

ALL: Metcon (AMRAP - Reps)  Every 4 min for 16 Min Sled run 190 Meter (empty) (end of Driveway) Max Sandbag Cleans (challenging bag) *Medball clean for Life track

Looking for 2 min max on Sled push. Adjust length if taking longer.

Cooldown ALL: Metcon (No Measure) 2 Min Prone Cobra stretch 2 Min Hamstring smash on Bar (per side) 2 Min pigeon stretch

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