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Thursday August 8th, 2019

Strength Prep


7 Min Amrap: :30 wall facing handstand hold or Push up plank hold 8 Single arm Db Z press (per side) 50 ft walking lunge


OPEN: Strict press (5 X 4) 5 min emom 4 reps


OPEN: Push press  (5 X 3) 5 min emom 3 reps


OPEN: Split Jerk (5 X 2) 5 min emom 2 reps

LIFE: Metcon (Weight) 15 min amrap 6 Seated Arnold press 10 Ring Face pulls 8 Split stance Db press 10 Plank to walk ups (per side)


OPEN: Metcon (Time) Every 3 min X 5 Sled Push 150 feet (empty) (SPRINT) 6 Power snatch (135/95)

Try to pick a Snatch weight you can go unbroken. Record slowest round in Wodify

THIS IS A SPRINT style workout

LIFE: Metcon (No Measure) Every 3 min X 5 200 Meter run 10 Double Db Snatch

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