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Thursday October 31st, 2019


ALL: 2 rnd 100 Meter Farmer walk 10 Push ups 10 Single arm ring row (per side) 10 Single leg glute bridge (5 side) (


ALL: Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds) 3 Stations 10 on/ 2 off

A) For Distance 50 Meter KB loaded sled push 100 Meter Wheelbarrow walk * Load Kb from sled into wheelbarrow

B) For reps  8 Bench press (tough weight) 2 Rope climb

C) For rounds and reps 50 Ft Front rack Axle walk (165/115) ( 50 Ft Sandbag walk (*3 Squats @ start/25ft/end) (

Log each one separate in wodify

*Sub rope climb for 6-8 pull ups or rope foot lock drills on short ropes

**Take Axle bar from rack. Keep that core and upper back tight

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