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Thursday October 3rd, 2019

Thursday October 3rd, 2019 Warm-up ALL: 3 rnd 50 ft bear crawl 15 Band press down ( 1 min Row

Metcon OPEN: Metcon (Time) "Bells for Bars"

21-15-9 Kb swing (53/35) Handstand Push up

-Rest 5 min

21-15-9 Kb swing (53/35) Ring dip

Today we have a variation of Diane and Elizabeth.

LIFE: Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds) 30 Min of GRINDING WORK Bike 12/10 Cals 4 Turkish get ups (2 per side) Skierg 12/10 Cals 8 GHD sit up 200 Meter Sandbag run (brute force bags) 12 Alternating Single Db Clean and Jerk (

CORE ALL: Metcon (No Measure) 2-3 rnd :20 L sit 8 Ring Body Saw ( 16 Heel tap over Kb (

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