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Tuesday August 20th, 2019


ALL: 3 rounds :40 on/ :20 off Shuttle runs Supine leg raises Broad Jumps


ALL TRACKS: Metcon (Calories) In Teams of 2 23 Min Amrap

Partner A) Calories on bike

Partner B) 2 rounds of 8 Hang Kb Snatch (53/35) (70/53 RX+) 8 T2B/T2R 8 Box jump (24/20) (30/24 RX+)

* Switch on bike after person B complete 2 rounds. ** Score is combined calories on bike...

For M/M pairs try for 250 + cal For M/F pairs try for 200 + cal For F/F pairs try for 175 + cal

*Top pair of day for each "division" wins a special special prize...Must enter scores into wodify

Strength ALL TRACKS: Metcon (Weight) 4 Rounds 10 Db Hammer curl (per arm) 10 Db Pull over 100 M Farmer carry (kbs)

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