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Tuesday July 23rd, 2019


ALL: 8 min of work 50 heavy rope single unders :30 hollow hold 8 empty bar strict press


ALL: Metcon (Weight) Strict  Press EMOM X 10 min 3 reps (H.A.P) for each setH.A.P = Heavy as possible


Open: Metcon (Time) 10 Rounds for time 5 Devil press (50/35) 10 Db reverse lunge (5 per leg)Keep grip loose. Going to burn no matter what.

Friendly reminder please do not drop dumbbells from above head. Thanks

Goal should be around 12-15 min. Modify as needed

Life: Metcon (Calories) 4 rounds 8 burpee 16 Box step up (8 per leg) (can hold weight if want) 1 min on skierg for max cals -Rest 90 sec between rounds. Use the rest so we can PUSH the skierg each round

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