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Tuesday October 22nd, 2019


ALL: 2 Rounds 50 Ft Bear crawl 10 Scap Push up (on elbows) ( 100 Ft Overhead plate carry (35/25) 10 No push up burpee


OPEN: Handstand walk  (3 X 3) 9 Min EMOM 1) 50 ft handstand walk 2) :40 plank 3) :40 Bike @ recovery pace

RX+ Max distance in 1 min on walkTrack Distance walked in wodify

LIFE: Metcon (No Measure) 9 Min Amrap 8 Barbell Z press (2121 Tempo) ( 2 Wall walk :30 Hollow hold

* Modify wall walk to 10 Wall taps (


ALL: Metcon (Time) 5 Rounds for Time

200 M Run 12 Single DB Split jerk (50/35) (*right arm) ( 6 Single Db burpee box step over (24/20)(Long) 200 M Run 12 Single Db split jerk (*left arm) 6 Single Db Burpee box step over

* 31 Min cap

Stimulus: Settle into this one. Use the run as a chance to "Catch your breath".  Pick a weight that can be done Unbroken and under control.

Looking for 4-6 min per round.

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