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Tuesday October 28th, 2019


ALL: 7 Min Clock :30 min T spine Opener ( 10 Side plank rotation (per side) ( 10 Band Overhead squat (PULL that band apart) ( 10 HARD pulls on skierg*LIFE group start workout after warmup

Oly Lift

OPEN: Snatch Complex (1 X 1) 12 Min to Find a TFT (tough for today)

3 P. Snatch 2 Overhead squat 1 Hang Squat Snatch

Can be Singles or TNG style reps.

Go into Overhead squat after 3rd P. Snatch


OPEN: Metcon (Time) For Time:

3 Rounds 12 Hang Snatch (75/55) 12/8 Cal bike 12 T2b/T2R

-Rest 2 Min

3 Rounds 10 Hang clean and jerk (95/65) 10 burpee over bar 10 GHD sit up (15 abmat sit up)

LIFE: Metcon (Time) *START after warm-up 6-8 Rounds 400 Meter Assualt runner 15 Plate ground to overhead 20 M overhead plate carry 10 Burpee to plate :40 Single leg ring plank (:20 per side) (

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