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Tuesday September 17th, 2019


ALL : 7 Min 5 inchworm 8 Prone snow angles 11 Bent knee tuck up :30 Row (70%)


OPEN : Bar Muscle up work

12 Min Emom

Level 1:  3+ Bar/ring muscle ups

Level 2: min  1) 3 "Good cheerleader" jump to "toe drag" min 2) 2-4 Kipping "Donkey Kicks" min 3) 2-4 "Assisted turn overs" / Banded turn over

For days like this the goal is to work on getting BETTER or CLOSER to achieving these high skill movements. If you are unable to do each part as prescribed it's all good. The coaches will adjust as needed to suite each of your needs

LIFE: If you are unable to perform 5 strict pull ups and 10 kipping pull ups this is the option for you

12 min EMOM

Min 1) 8-10 Bench elevated Barbell row Min 2) 8-10 Incline Db hammer curl Min 3) 8-10 Close grip Landmine row


ALL : Metcon (Time) For Time

30 Double under 15 Burpee to plate 60 Double under 300 ft Overhead plate carry 90 Double under 60 Plate Goblet squat 60 Double under 300 Ft Overhead plate carry 30 Double under 15 Plate Devil press

45/25 RX

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