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Wednesday August 21st, 2019

Warm-up ALL: 3 Rounds 15 Hard pulls on Skierg 10 Scap push up on elbows 30 Mountain Climbers (R+L=2) 10 Band plank lateral crawl (per side) Skill OPEN TRACK: (Distance) HANDSTAND/ HANDSTAND WALK

Option A) Every 2 min X 6:  walk 50 feet

Option B) Every 2 min X 6 :

Max Handstand hold  in one attempt* * Can wall walk into if not comfortable kicking up into handstand.

LIFE TRACK: (No Measure) 12 min of work: 50 Ft Dual KB overhead walk :30 Sorenson hold 4-6 Slidboard walk outs on GoMats


OPEN : Metcon (Time) For time: 10-1 reps of Thruster (115/80) Pull up (Chest to bar RX+) * 25 Double under after each round **12 Min Cap

Pick a weight you can go unbroken on Thrusters.

Can modify double unders to 40 single unders OR 3 attempts at max Du (until 25 reached)

LIFE: Metcon (Time) 10-1 reps of Single Db thruster Supine body Rows 2 X Cal row

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