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Wednesday July 3


ALL:  3 min on rower/bike into: 60 aggressive Russian kb swing (35/24) (all glutes) *every 20 stop and do 20 sit ups


OPEN: Metcon (Weight) 4 tough sets (10-12 min to complete) 4 front squat *right into 8 front rack reverse lunge (4 per side) * right into 4 front squats

* rest 90 sec between sets **record heaviest load

LIFE: Metcon (No Measure) 12 min Amrap: for quality :30 DB front rack wall sit 10 dual db front squat * rest :30 sec :30 hollow hold 10 Db reverse lunge (holding at side) *rest 1 min


OPEN: Metcon (Time) 3 SETS. Each SET is: 2 rounds of 7 Power Clean (135/95) (165/120 rx+) 14 box jump over (24/20) *rest :90 between sets

* SPRINT effort. Modify weight so cleans can be done unbroken or quick singles. Can step down on box jumpsWill use a running clock. Keep track of when you finish 2nd round. Rest :90 then start next set. Continue for 3 total sets. (6 rnd of couplet)

LIFE: Metcon (Time) 4 sets Each set is: 20 Medball cleans 15 TRX knee to chest/ Hang knee lifts 10 cal row (damper on 10/8) *rest 90 sec between sets

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