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Wednesday October 16th, 2019

CORE ALL : 10 Min Amrap:

20 hollow rocks 20 straight leg sit up ( 20 Toe to bar/Toe to ring 20 Russian twist (per side)

Barbell warmup

ALL : 10-14 Min Coach Lead.

Priming the Snatch.

Even if you plan on doing Life track take this time to work with a PVP pipe or training bar

Metcon OPEN : Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds) 20 Min EMOM Min 1) Row 16/12 Cals Min 2) 5 Hang Snatch + 5 OHS (115/75#) *

*Life track: Min 2: 5 TNG deadlifts 10 air Squats

**track cals and weight used in wodify

Stimulus: Row:  Looking for you t push it to get this done in approx. :40-:50. The idea is NOT to row for whole min. Pick a number out of gate that is attainable but leaves you breathing hard.

Barbell work: Even with all the shoulder work yesterday this should be a weight that you can comfortably "Lock in" . We do not want you to have to set it down once you pick it up. Get creative if you must and use those 1.25# and 2.5# plates we have. This is where you should be able to get :30 of rest in early rounds before getting back on row. Adjust to 4 and 4 if needed

Mobility ALL : 2 Min Lat foam roll (per side) (

Cobra stretch - 3 min (1 min blocks)(

Sumo squat hold - Accumulate 3 min ( (try to sink into it and relax)

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