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WOD 4 Camp Barnabas

May 14th 8am-12pm

5k run/walk- $30

5k plus WOD- $45

WOD only- $30

What is Camp Barnabas?

Camp Barnabas is a Christian summer camp dedicated to providing summer camp experiences to people with special needs, physical or intellectual challenges, and their siblings from throughout the United States. We uphold the values and principles taught by Jesus Christ and we aim to fulfill the Great Commission in the work we do.  

How can I support Camp?

What's the WOD?

Where is the event being held?

May 14th we will have a 5k walk/run as well as a WOD (Workout of the day.) By participating in this event you are helping get our students to Missouri to give these campers  the best week of their life.

14 minute AMRAP 

96 of each movement with a partner.  Reps can be split between partners anyway you want as long as 96 are completed. 


Rx or Scaled

Push ups

Back Squat 95/65 (Air Squats for Scaled)


Box jumps

Toe 2 Bar (Knee Raises for Scaled)



It will be held at Another Level Crossfit in Lodi at 1205 E Vine St. 

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